Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hype Capsule is up!

Finally! For all this time, i was so having this and that problem that i have to postpone few times this project. But now, i finally made it, i bought the domain name for along with web host from ServerFreak guys. It is now time to unleash the power of my writing skills to the new site. Crushing every opponent till they all cry like a baby. LOL! I was just kidding on last part..

So, what is Hype Capsule anyway?

When they 1st hear the name, probably people will assume.. "Wow! Sham is going to open a Viagra site. Sure he's a successful Viagra tokan now..", the answer is... no! Hype Capsule was purpose to be as music + art online publishing, or nowadays we called them as blog. Yes its a blog, blog that give news to all independent scene + arts + fashion + articles that related to it + podcasts + videolog and lastly the events that made everyone happy.

This blog is like a Beta version for 1 year, yes 1 year.. Why 1 year? Why not?! Because as a web developer myself, whenever you do some new applications, or system for the web, it will have some minor problems, minor okay.. not major. remember, i'm genius! LOL! So crazy la tonight i got idea to put some humor on my "should be a serious topic to tell everyone la stupid!".

Don't be too excited, i'm not creating any new system for the blog, i'm using WordPress from top to bottom, from A to Z, purely. I like WordPress so much, that's the best CMS i ever try and it was so damn easy to do some coding. Even my grandma can do it, well.. sort of. And also this brilliant idea was not by following anybody else, trust us. Last time i got this idea when i was dreaming 2 months previous (*rubbing nose). Truly shit man! ;-p

So, by the way. Below is the screenshot of how the blog looks like when its up, take a look and leave me some nice comment after that. Much appreciated people..

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