Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Peranan Tambahan Aku Semalam

Semalam adalah hari pertama aku write blogpost bagi blog music aku HypeCapsule.com, memang susah bagai nak type something formal ni kan? Hahaha.. Atau ntahla, perhaps akan datang aku mungkin akan type something unformal sket? Maybe? A little humor spice should done right?

Walaupun baru satu aku dah postkan, namun dalam draftnyer mak aihhh, pening! Rasa aku cam nak letak fully my jobs as full-time blogger jer, seronok tapi risky pasal yerlaa.. kita tak certain lagi kan pasal urban legend mengatakan blogging can make you rich! Not sure but some people had done it, but still doubt about it. How about you guys?

Papepon, thanks kepada seorang mate or business partner aku dalam HypeCapsule nih pasal willing to be together untuk make this thing happen. Banyak idea masuk tapi confuse mana satu nak done dulu and mana satu yang nak patut put aside for while. Tapi rasanya aku dah boleh sediakan workflow or satu perancangan supaya everything looks neat and smart to all readers out there. Professional! Be... Professional..

That's it for while, banyak lagi work daylight aku disini kene done dulu sebelum aku moving ke part aku. So, have a good time and selamat maju jaya. Enjoy~!

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