Sunday, November 09, 2008

Canon 1000d: Akhirnya Aku Success Buat Decision

Daylight tadi while aku tengah on date aku jumpa something. Something that is important to me, something yang aku truly wanna have it! Something yang aku always dream of.. Sebuah camera DSLR ladies & gentleman, when first time i astound looking it was the price, couldn't believe my eye, very cheap! think of it.. the price was RM1999 only and another good deal was it come with lens! which means aku tak perlu untuk find resource "how to this and that", "google this and that" and just take it and snap!

So lepas aku found the thing aku automatically cepat-cepat go to magazine store untuk baca review tentang camera tuh dengan finger cross hopefully review for the exact model tuh ada. I found the magazine, but... forget the name pulak. Oh well, its says that...... The camera is right suitable for person that wanna go to the professional photographer level (That's me), overall its okay but got some itsy bitsy tiny problem with bla bla bla (I can handle that)... and bla bla bla. The camera is okay overall. Whoopiedoo...!!!

Tapi comes the next problem, i don't have that kind of money, so i decide to take AEON easy payment nanti (Yeah i've fall into a booby trap!) But what the heck, its the thing i've always want. Camera yang aku boleh give expression about all things around me without ever worry dengan quality or grains or noisy pictures. I just wanna snap! snap! snap!

So, plan for the next move is........ go to jusco, bring all the documentary they surely needed and pray that i can have the full loans for the stuff. MUST! MUST! MUST! HAVE IT!!!

P/S: The camera will not being used to take amateur photos alike. So... Hopefully u understand yer dear..

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