Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jadual Music Show RTW 8

Menurut sumber yang boleh dipercayai dan tidak boleh diberitahu pada semua orang, maka berikut adalah senarai penuh perjalanan masa Rock The World 8 nanti. Jumpa disana!


12.00pm - 12.15pm College band 1
12.15pm - 12.25pm break
12.25pm - 12.40pm College band 2
12.40pm - 12.55pm break
12.55pm - 1.10pm College band 3
1.10pm - 1.20pm Zuhur Prayer break
1.20pm - 1.35pm College band 4
1.35pm - 1.45pm break
1.45pm - 2.00pm College band 5
2.00pm - 2.10pm break
2.10pm - 2.55pm College band 6
2.25pm - 2.35pm break
2.35pm - 2.55pm Estrella
2.55pm - 3.05pm break
3.05pm - 3.25pm Bunkface
3.25pm - 3.35pm break
3.35pm - 3.55pm Zip Zieller
3.55pm - 4.05pm break
4.05pm - 4.30pm Republic of Brickfields
4.30pm - 4.45pm Asar Prayer Break
4.45pm - 5.05pm Upon Arrival
5.05pm - 5.15pm break
5.15pm - 5.35pm Komplot
5.35pm - 5.45pm break
5.45pm - 6.05pm They Will Kill Us All
6.05pm - 6.15pm break
6.15pm - 6.35pm The Otherside Orchestra
6.35pm - 6.45pm break
6.45pm - 7.10pm Pure Vibracions
7.10pm - 7.25pm Maghrib Prayer Break
7.25pm - 7.45pm The Times
7.45pm - 7.50pm break
7.50pm - 8.20pm Laila's Lounge
8.20pm - 8.30pm Isyak Prayer Break
8.30pm - 8.50pm Estranged
8.50pm - 9.00pm break
9.00pm - 9.20pm Koffin Kanser
9.20pm - 9.30pm break
9.30pm - 9.50pm OAG
9.50pm - 10.00pm break
10.00pm - 10.20pm Revenge
10.20pm - 10.30pm break
10.30pm - 10.50pm One Buck Short
10.50pm - 11.00pm break
11.00pm - 11.20pm Butterfingers
11.30pm END

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